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CEO & Group management




David Persson


David Persson joined Lekolar in April 2015. Before joining Lekolar, David was CFO for private healthcare operator Capio Sweden. David has previous experience as CFO for Eltel, as an investor with 3i and as a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and The Parthenon Group. David holds an M.A. in economics and management from the University of Oxford.




Håkan Gunnarsson


Håkan has a MBA from University of Lund.  Before joining Lekolar Håkan worked at Bong Group as CEO and CFO. He has also worked in Tarkett.  Håkan joined Lekolar in 2019. 




Fredrik Grahn

Business Area Manager Furniture

Fredrik Grahn works as BU Manager for Furniture since September 2015. He has worked as Puchasing Manager 2014-2015. He was employed as Strategic Purchaser 2010. Before joining Lekolar Fredrik has many years of experience from IKEA, where he worked within purchasing, logistic and sales.  




Mattias Johansson

Business Area Manager E&P

Mattias Johansson is BA Manager E&P  within the Lekolar Group since September 2015, having joined Lekolar on 1 May 2010. Mattias is educated at Lund and Växjö university in the field of Strategy, Finance and Economics. Before joining Lekolar Mattias worked as a strategy consultant at Accenture, a US management consultancy firm. Mattias has also worked with trading, risk management and business development in the energy sector.



Klaus Sørensen

Business Area Manager Playground

Klaus Sørensen is BA Manager PG within the Lekolar Group since January, 2019. Klaus joined Lekolar in June 2017. He has been working with business development within our playground. Klaus has extensive experience within playground products, safety and safety surfacing.
Before joining Lekolar Klaus has many years of experience with management and development, installation and maintenance of playgrounds. He is also a certified playground inspector.




Linda Wickman

HR Manager

Linda Wickman joined Lekolar in March 2016, as Nordic HR Manager. Before joining Lekolar Linda worked as HR Manager at Mannheimer Swartling law firm for nearly ten years. In addition she has experience from working on various HR issues at Volvo Cars and IKEA Services. Linda holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Human Resource Management from Lund University.




Katarina Fernebrand


Katarina joined Lekolar in August 2014 as the head of the IT department’s Process group. In the beginning of 2015, Katarina became IT Manager and in 2016 she has been awarded the role of CIO at Lekolar. Her previous employments include being the IT Manager at DLH Nordic, DLH Sweden AB. Prior to that Katarina was responsible for IT at Rowico AB and bitc MÖBEL AB for almost ten years. Her main experiences lie within the wholesale industry working with system and process development and as a technical lead. Katarina holds degrees in programming languages and network technology as well as Civil Law and Economics certificate, as part of a certified estate agent.




Jesper Boberg

Country Manager Norway

Country Manager for Norway since 1 feb 2019. He started as sales manager for the company in 2014. Before Lekolar Jesper worked 11 years in the office supply business with Lyreco in different roles. He is educated at the Norwegian School of Economics with specialization in marketing and management.




Peter Johansson

Country Manager Finland

Country Manager for Finland since January 2010. Peter has been Country Manager in Finland for the Nordic IT distributor Scribona as well as a strategy and marketing consultant for Brandworxx and Louder. Peter has an educational background in business and marketing.




Jesper Mortensen

Country Manager Denmark

Country Manager since October 2017. Before joining Lekolar Jesper was CEO at UNIQA A/S and has previously been Sales Manager in Lekolar. Jesper has been working within this field in more than 25 years.


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